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1 year Agreement Specials Now Available from Verizon

Hate 2 year agreements? Is that just too long for you?

Due to popular demand, we have put together a simple 1 year option that is available on all Verizon Broadband cards, the MiFi Device, and even our Verizon USB760 and CradlePoint Router Combo Specials.

The Novatel USB760 is just $49.99 after rebate with a 1 year agreement! That is correct. For the same price that most Verizon outlets sell the USB760 with a 2 year deal, we have only a 1 year commitment!

In fact to get any of our Verizon Broadband modem cards with a 1 year agreement, just add $100 to the upfront cost of any of our super low priced 2 year deals. Since most of our prices are almost $100 less than many Verizon retailers…that means you get a 1 year deal for the “normal” price of a 2 year deal! Once you select “Add to Cart” for any of our 2 year programs, you will get the option to select a 1 year plan instead.

What if you need a CradlePoint router along with a Verizon Broadband card? No problem, the same rules apply: If you want a 1 year contract instead of a 2 year deal, just add $100 to the combo package price!
For more Mobile Internet Plans from Verizon, including International plans, and info on 5GB plans, click on the link above or give us a call at 866-541-0400.

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