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3 reasons 4G is better than Cable Internet

4G Mobile Broadband is portable!

Cable Internet is like your old home phone.  Why pay for something that only works in one place?  Of course if you have a family of 7 chances are good someone will always be home to use it.  But that said, with 4G you could still leave it at home most of the time for the family, but take it with you on a vacation.  At least you have options!  You can even use a 4G USB modem in conjunction with a Mobile Router to create a regular home network that you can connect ethernet cables to as well as have WiFi in the entire house for all your computers, iPads, and gaming systems.

Sprint 4G MiFi

4G is fast enough to do anything that cable does.

Download movies? Check.  Voice over Internet phone calls? Check.  Online Gaming? Check.  4G, as opposed to 3G, is finally fast enough to handle anything that Cable can handle.  Are there some Cable services that are faster than some 4G services?  Sure, and some 4G services that are faster than Cable.  But Internet speed becomes less  and less relevant the faster  you get.  In other words,  a 1Mbps difference between  200Kbps and 1.2Mbps is very dramatic.  However, the difference between 21Mbps and 22Mbps is not even noticeable at all.

4G has less downtime than Cable.

Everyone naturally thinks wired is somehow better than wireless in terms of reliability. This is mainly due to the fact that with cellular you can actually go out of range and experience no service IF you move.  Believe it or not, Cable Internet has more downtime than any cellular network.  The key is to compare apples to apples.  Compare reliability in a single location with good signal.  How many times has a cellular network been actually down in the last 10 years?  I can only recall one or two incidents by any of the major 4 networks in the USA.

4G Mobile Broadband is not better in every category is it?

Of course not!  4G is not everywhere yet, and if you don’t have that option then Cable will usually beat out 3G service in terms of speed and being unlimited.  Sprint 4G is actually unlimited as well, but the other carriers do have limits on both 3G and 4G service so if you plan on downloading 10 Netflix movies a month, Cable is a less expensive way to go.  Additionally, just like a cellular phone, you need to be in an area that gets good coverage in order to get solid service.  Luckily the carriers give you a test period to make sure it works for you.  What about you? Are you going to cut the cords and go Mobile??

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