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3G Broadband Coverage Video Comparison

Speed test comparisons are great if you have coverage. Without coverage, speed doesn’t matter. So, which carrier has the best 3G mobile broadband coverage; Sprint, Verizon or AT&T? Well, that really depends on where you’re going to use it. While all 3 carriers have excellent 3G broadband coverage in some of the larger cities such as New York and Chicago, the coverage isn’t as equitable for the rest of the country. Looking at the coverage maps on the web sites for Sprint, Verizon and AT&T it appears that AT&T has the smallest 3G broadband network and Verizon’s network will grow with the Alltel merger. There doesn’t seem to be many, if any, areas that AT&T covers that aren’t also covered by Sprint and/or Verizon.


For people who are mobile and need to have Internet access in more than one geographic area, it’s important to choose a carrier with the best broadband coverage for those areas. For instance, if I live in Phoenix, AZ both Verizon and Sprint have excellent coverage, but if I also need Internet access in Kansas, Sprint is going to be my best choice. If I need Inernet access in Georgia, Verizon is the best choice. Now, just looking at the map isn’t the best way to find 3G mobile broadband coverage. Within any geographic area with coverage, there are pockets that either don’t have coverage or have poor coverage. The best way to find 3G mobile broadband coverage for your area is to look up your address on the coverage map. Try different carriers and see which one has the best coverage for the areas you need Internet access.

MoreMobileInternet.com has created a video review of the coverage maps for all 3 carriers. Verizon and Sprint coverage maps are available on MoreMobileInternet.com or you can always call us at 866.541.0400 and we’ll help you choose the carrier with the best 3G mobile broadband coverage for your needs.

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