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Top 5 Mobile Broadband Devices for 2013

Someone give me a drumroll please…
Here are, in order, the 5 smartest Mobile Broadband choices available in 2013 that give you the most bang for the buck. These are the devices and carriers that will give you what you want: the fastest surfing with the least hassle.
Let me first say that the CARRIER plays a [...]

VIDEO: Introducing NO Contract Internet

Yes, after so many people wanting a short term solution for Mobile Internet, there is finally a good one: Data Jack!   See our video below for the unboxing of the MiFi 2200 that uses Sprint’s 3G broadband network.  While there have been No Contract, No Credit Check, No Deposit solutions before, they always had [...]

3 reasons 4G is better than Cable Internet

4G Mobile Broadband is portable!
Cable Internet is like your old home phone.  Why pay for something that only works in one place?  Of course if you have a family of 7 chances are good someone will always be home to use it.  But that said, with 4G you could still leave it at home most [...]