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Verizon 4G Mobile HotSpot?

Verizon has a 4G Mobile HotSpot?  Yes indeed!  Well, not exactly like a MiFi.  Let me explain.
By combining a CradlePoint router with the Verizon 4G UML290 USB modem you can create your own Mobile 4G HotSpot. Thankfully, it did not take CradlePoint long to get out a firmware upgrade that will allow the Verizon UML290 [...]

Do NOT buy a Verizon USB Card!

Get the FiveSpot or Mifi 2200 instead
Update Dec 6, 2010: Now that Verizon has released their 4G USB cards like the LG VL600, they ARE offering the $50 plan for 5GB and the $80 plan for 10GB,  so the article below is now outdated.
Why does Verizon charge $59.99 per month to use a USB [...]

World Travel Internet Access Tips

Having your own connection vs. searching for Wifi
When you travel around the world it’s hard to keep organized and also stay connected back home to any work or other interests you may have. Every country has it’s own standards for wifi and how many are available.  It can be a daunting task to find Internet especially in a country [...]