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Sprint 250U 4G/3G USB Unboxing Video

The age old question “What exactly is in that box?”  is revealed in this video. We even take the Sierra Wireless 250U out of the plastic bag and put it together!
All kidding aside, the 250u is currently our top recommendation for a USB device from Sprint.  It has several great advantages in being both 4G [...]

Chicago Internet Service – Sprint 4G Broadband Video

Since Chicago, and lots of other cities like Las Vegas, Atlanta, Philadelphia, are now covered by Sprint’s 4G Mobile Broadband area you can now replace your Cable or DSL service!  Why pay $50 a month for a service that only works at your house when you can have one that works nationwide?
Here is a map [...]

Unlimited Mobile Broadband Internet?

Everyone is always saying “Why do I have a limit to my Internet from Sprint or Verizon or ATT? They all have 5GB limits and that sucks! I want Unlimited Mobile Broadband.” Most people don’t know what 5GB even is, so how the heck are they going to want to worry all day about how [...]