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Video: How to view Sprint 4G & 3G coverage

This Video shows you how to make the most of the Sprint Coverage map so you can determine if Sprint is a good choice for your needs. Even if you don’t currently live in a 4G area, it would still be a good idea to get a device that has 4G capabilities. Why? [...]

Rural Internet? Don’t say “I can’t get Internet Service”

Top 4 Complaints about Rural Internet: 1) I can’t get Cable or DSL Internet 2) I hate this slow Dial Up! 3) Satellite Internet is too expensive 4) Why do those city slickers get all the good stuff?
As this National Verizon 3G map shows, most of the country is covered in the Blue Broadband areas. [...]

Hate the iPad? Try a Netbook for $199

Give your fingers what they want…a keyboard!
Do you want a quick and easy Netbook that will let you connect to the Internet anywhere without the hassle of finding a Wifi Hotspot? Want something with iPad size, but with a real keyboard? Make your fingers happy with a very solid HP Mini [...]