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Why Upgrade from 3G to 4G on Verizon?

Eligible to upgrade your Mobile Broadband with Verizon? Here is why you should:
Speed Baby, Speed!
4G speeds for Verizon LTE mobile broadband are downright FAST.  How fast you ask?  Well, lots of regular Cable/DSL services get 5-10Mbps or even less.  Sure, some are faster.  But Verizon 4G Internet gets 5-10Mbps very easily, and I’ve often seen [...]

Special: 4G Verizon HotSpot + 3 Months Free Service

Thanks to the Google I/O conference, I have a limited supply of the Samsung 4G LTE SCH-LC11 Mobile HotSpot. These are brand new devices in the box and include everything.  The extra special bonus these include is 3 months of free service which started on 5/11/11 and ends on 8/11/11.   The great part is [...]

Verizon Vacation Plan – Better than Pre-Paid Mobile Internet?

One of the common questions people who RV or travel part time have is “Why would I want a 2 year contract when I only need it for 8 months a year?” That is a great question. Want a great answer…besides having to put up with the inferior pre-paid carriers and very expensive pre-paid [...]