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Virgin Mobile Broadband: Why Contracts are better than Pre-Paid

I have heard it a million times.  ”I hate contracts – do you have anything with NO Contract?” Well let me tell you from experience there are some very good reasons you should want a contract.  Sounds Crazy right?  Let me offer some examples that might change your mind.

First objection:  ”I don’t want to be [...]

Top 5 List: Mobile Broadband Cards May 2011

Here is the May List of the top 5 Mobile Broadband Cards currently available from the 4 National Cellular Carriers that own their own networks, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T. We don’t list smaller regional carriers, or ones who borrow their networks from the 4 above who actually own them. These type of carriers have [...]

Video: 4G Face Off – Verizon UML290 vs. Sprint 250U

Want to know which of the new 4G devices to purchase?  This video explains the important factors you should be thinking about when deciding between the two best carriers for Mobile Broadband – Verizon and Sprint.
Are there cosmetic differences? Yes. But that should be the last thing you look at.  Coverage is king.  Especially since [...]