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Mac Users + Verizon 4G UML290 = Love

For all of you Mac users, and yes, there are lots of you, you can now quit holding your breath.  Verizon has now pushed out an update making the Pantech UML290  4G USB device compatible with Macs!  Now both Mac and Windows users can take advantage of Verizons blazing fast 4G network with real life [...]

Top 5 List: Mobile Internet Cards February 2011

Here is our February List of the top 5 Mobile Broadband Cards currently available from the 4 National Cellular Carriers that own their own networks, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T. No, we don’t list smaller regional carriers, or ones who borrow their networks from the 4 above who actually own them. These type of carriers [...]

Verizon 4G Mobile HotSpot?

Verizon has a 4G Mobile HotSpot?  Yes indeed!  Well, not exactly like a MiFi.  Let me explain.
By combining a CradlePoint router with the Verizon 4G UML290 USB modem you can create your own Mobile 4G HotSpot. Thankfully, it did not take CradlePoint long to get out a firmware upgrade that will allow the Verizon UML290 [...]