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New Lower Verizon Mobile Broadband Rates – Finally!

After having basically the same exact data rate plans for Mobile Interent for 5 years, Verizon is finally making some smart moves with their new plans.  For those that didn’t know, $59.99 was the standard rate plan for the all the carriers.  Yes, there were a few smaller plans but most of those were completely [...]

Top 5 List: Mobile Broadband Cards November ’10

Here is our List of the top 5 Mobile Broadband Cards currently available from the 4 National Cellular Carriers that own their own networks, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T.  No, we don’t list smaller regional carriers, or ones who borrow their networks from the 4 above who actually own them.  These type of carriers have [...]

How to Kill FireSheep (Huge New Wifi Security Threat)

Halloween is scary. But so is this huge new Internet security threat that exposes your computer when using open or public Wifi hotspots. There is an interesting article in Computer World that details how this new Firefox extension makes it easy for anyone to hack into your Facebook, Twitter, Google accounts and listen in. [...]