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Video: How to get Sprint U600 4G USB Free

This video walks you through the first few steps of ordering the Sprint U600 4G card for free.  It’s obviously pretty easy, but this will confirm any doubts.  One of the great things about ordering from More Mobile Internet is that none of our Free Device offers require you to mail in a rebate.  We [...]

Free Activation on Sprint Mobile Broadband Cards!

For a limited time, Sprint is offering Free Activation. This is a $35 value.  Not only do we have the best pricing on the Sierra Wireless 250U 4G USB  Card (Free with Free Shipping) there are also NO pesky rebates to deal with either!  The same goes for the Sprint Overdrive, the 4G/3G Mobile Hotspot.  It [...]

Why Cell Phone Contracts are GOOD!

Contracts!   Who loves contracts???  No one I’m sure, however, here is why they are a GOOD deal for you!
Contracts can save you lots of money on Cellular phones, and Mobile Internet cards.

As you can see in this example the Mifi 2200 is $249.99 with out a Contract, but Free with a 2 year deal, [...]