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LaBron James Decision is complicated. Mobile Internet isn’t.

For NBA Basketball fans, you know the last 2 years LeBron has been deciding where he is going to go next. Stay in Cleveland or go to Miami, New York, Chicago? Hopefully you have not been waiting that long to decide if you should you get Verizon, Sprint or AT&T to get Mobile [...]

Road Trip! How to keep the whole family connected to the Internet

It’s summer road trip time! What a great way to connect with the family and share fantastic memories. However, on especially long road trips, it can be nice to give the kids something to do, and the adults a way to get a little work done if needed. It can also come in [...]

FREE Franklin Wireless 3G/4G U301 USB Modem for Sprint

We now have the Sprint USB modem for 3G and 4G (where avaialble). There is a chance you might like the price. Free usually works for most! Of course, that is with a 2 year agreement and a $59.99 monthly plan, since the “everything is free” tree does not exist! Here is [...]