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3G Broadband Coverage Video Comparison

Speed test comparisons are great if you have coverage. Without coverage, speed doesn’t matter. So, which carrier has the best 3G mobile broadband coverage; Sprint, Verizon or AT&T? Well, that really depends on where you’re going to use it. While all 3 carriers have excellent 3G broadband coverage in some of the larger cities such [...]

Verizon Wireless Expands 3G Network in South Boston

SOUTH BOSTON, MA — In a continuing effort to provide the best wireless service for local residents in Suffolk County, Verizon Wireless has activated a new cell site. The new site increases wireless voice and data coverage and capacity along East Broadway and L Street in South Boston, Mass., as well as the surrounding area.
Verizon [...]

MBR1000 Router + Antenna + Aluminum Case + Card just $214.99 after Rebate!

iBox2Go is offering an unbelievealbe package for just over $200 that includes:
1) Sprint or Verizon Mobile Internet Card.
2) CradlePoint MBR1000 Router (Which sells for $214.99 by itself at other retailers)
3) External Antenna ($49.99 value) that gives you better reception and faster Internet speed
4) Aluminum and Foam Carry Case to protect the [...]