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Cellular Phones Now Available

58756_mWe have recently added the abilty to sell Cellular phones from all the carriers directly to our site: Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-mobile. Simply click on the “Cell Phones” link on the menu, and find a great deal on a new phone! We have been in the wireless industry since 1998, so certainly call us if you have questions and want some advice regarding new service! There are some great phones out there now, lots of amazing Android Phones like the Incredible and Droid X from Verizon, the Motorola Backflip for AT&T, the Samsung Moment and EVO 4G from Sprint. One word of advice: avoid the Eris on Verizon. Slow, buggy and not a good device. iPhones are of course fantastic, but they are the one good device not availble here. Android phones are finally a great alternative to iPhones and give you lots more options without having only one carrier (AT&T) to chose from. Blackberries are still a solid choice, but let’s be honest, they are blown away by Andriods and iPhones when it comes to the fun stuff like all the Apps and doing amazing things on the internet. If you just want a phone and solid email, then a Blackberry will do, but most people that try an iPhone or Android phone would never go back!

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