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Cradlepoint MBR1000 $215, FREE USB727 & $50 Back

Get the Cradlepoint MBR1000 3G Mobile Router for $214.99, a Free Verizon Novatel USB727 Mobile Internet Modem and get $50 Cash Back!

The Cradlepoint MBR1000 Mobile Router uses the latest available 802.11 ‘N’ technology to provide better WLAN speed and greater range than any other cellular router. It delivers 9 times the bandwidth of standard 802.11 B/G routers—while being backwards compatible with existing 802.11b/g PCs and other clients.

The MBR1000 also implements Cradlepoint’s firewall technology to insure that your wireless network is not compromised, and sharing is allowed only when you want. The added Cradlepoint firewall provides that extra level of protection even when you haven’t fully implemented a encryption policy. And, if you choose to establish network access without encryption, you can set your own rules and even remotely login users.

The MBR1000 ensures a secure connection through use of the latest 802.11 WiFi encryption. The MBR1000 supports WEPâ„¢, WPAâ„¢, and WPA2â„¢ standards to give your business the strongest possible encryption. In addition, the MBR1000 utilizes SPI and NAT to prevent potential attacks from across the Internet. For serious business applications, multi-client, simultaneous VPN pass-through is supported to give you nonstop access to your corporate network. The built-in Setup Wizard simplifies the configuration process by giving you good/better/best security options to give you both network security and device compatibility.Great Backup Solution for your Network.

The MBR1000 gives you the added flexibility to let you use a broadband data modem as an emergency backup Internet access method when DSL, Cable or office broadband goes down. Sleep a little easier knowing that you have a backup solution in place to insure your business is always connected.

This promotion expires 12/24/08 and requires a new 2 yr agreement with Verizon.
Visit MoreMobileInternet.com or call 866.541.0400 to find out how to get the Cradlepoint MBR1000 for $214.99, a FREE USB727 and $50 Cash Back.

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