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Cradlepoint MBR1200 Cellular Router Video Review

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Cradlepoint just released the brand new MBR1200 Cellular Router. This is the newest router in the Cradlepoint line-up. It’s got some nice features like a signal strength meter, so you can tell what kind of signal you’re getting from your data cards. It has 3 different types of data card slots; PC card, Expresscard and 3 USB modem ports. The MBR1200 mobile router supports more data cards than any other router on the market. It has the capability to use up to 5 aircards at the same time, and the aircards can be from different carriers, too.

There are lights on the front for the 5 mobile Internet modems, 4 Ethernet ports, WiFi, and WAN port, so you can easily see what is connected. On the left side there’s an on/off switch for the MBR1200. Also on the left side are the 4 Ethernet ports, WAN port for Cable or DSL, the 3rd USB port, and 2 ports for the optional external antennas that can increase the WiFi range up to 450 yards. Of course, that’s for direct line of sight. Inside a building the range will be less.

The Cradlepoint MBR1200 Mobile Broadband Router has failover/failback. So, for instance, if the primary connection fails, the mobile router will failover to the alternate connection. Once the service is restored, the mobile router will failback to the primary connection device. There is also load balancing, so if you are using more than one mobile internet card, it will balance the load between the devices. This is great for services that have a 5GB data cap. These are some really nice features for business continuity.

The MBR1200 has a built-in four-port Ethernet switch that has 1000mbps (Gigabit) LAN connectivity in addition to the 10/100 mbps speeds. The MBR1200 supports up to 64 wireless clients over 802.11N WiFi through two internal MIMO antennas or two optional External WiFi Antennas. The WiFi antennas come in a pair.

The Modem Security Enclosure is another optional accessory, and it will protect the MBR1200 cellular router and mobile Internet modems from theft or damage. This is perfect if the MBR1200 mobile router is located in a non-secured area.

With all these features, the MBR1200 is a phenomenal device for commercial grade use. There is a $25 rebate from Cradlepoint if you also purchase a Verizon Mobile Broadband Modem at the same time. Rebate expires 10/31/09.

If you don’t need all these features, then the MBR1000 Mobile Broadband Router is a great router and is still available at More Mobile Internet.

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