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Do NOT buy a Verizon USB Card!

Get the FiveSpot or Mifi 2200 instead

Update Dec 6, 2010: Now that Verizon has released their 4G USB cards like the LG VL600, they ARE offering the $50 plan for 5GB and the $80 plan for 10GB,  so the article below is now outdated.

Why does Verizon charge $59.99 per month to use a USB Card and just $50 for a Mobile Hotspot device?  Can anyone explain this pricing? Even worse, the overage charge is $50 per GB on a USB versus just $10 per GB on a Hotspot device.  It makes no sense to me.  Don’ t get me wrong, I love Verizon’s new Mobile Internet pricing, it is much improved.  I just don’t know why they are discriminating against the USB. Where is Jessie Jackson when we need him?

Whatever Verizon’s reasons, the message is clear:  Do NOT buy a USB card from Verizon. I can’t imagine the USB manufacturers are very happy with Verizon’s move. No informed customer should purchase a USB given the current pricing. Can anyone come up with a compelling reason why you would pay $10 more for a USB?  Heck the HotSpot devices work on up to 5 devices and the USB only 1.  It’s already handicapped, now it’s more expensive to use also?

Verizon FiveSpot Global Mobile HotSpot

Verizon FiveSpot

My pick is to get the FiveSpot Global HotSpot since it’s a newer and international capable mobile Wifi device.  Warning:  I don’t recommend actually using this thing overseas unless it’s an emergency.  That being said, since it is free on our site, it’s still a better buy since it will have more resale value if you ever decide to upgrade.

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