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FREE Franklin Wireless 3G/4G U301 USB Modem for Sprint

u301We now have the Sprint USB modem for 3G and 4G (where avaialble). There is a chance you might like the price. Free usually works for most! Of course, that is with a 2 year agreement and a $59.99 monthly plan, since the “everything is free” tree does not exist! Here is the FREE Franklin U301 Data Card. Why should you get a 3G/4G card even if you don’t have 4G coverage yet? What is the old saying? Fail to plan equals plan to fail? By getting a device that will be future ready, you will be able to take advantage of 10 times faster speeds, as well as all that goes along with it like VIOP or internet phone usage, unlimited downloads (as opposed to the 5GB limit on 3G). If you get just a 3G card now, you will have to pay $200 plus for a 4G card without a contract unless you wait the full 2 years to upgrade. So plan ahead of the curve, not behind it!

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