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Free Sprint Novatel Mifi 2200 Special

Free Sprint MiFi 2200

Free Sprint MiFi 2200

One of the most popular ways to connect to the Internet anywhere is the Mifi line of “mobile hotspots” that are made by Novatel. They make one for both Sprint and Verizon. Today we will talk about the Sprint version, which happens to be Free with a 2 year deal. Really the only difference between the Sprint and Verizon versions are the coverage maps. Verizon does have more of the 3G coverage in rural areas. But if Sprint has your needs covered, then Sprint is a less expensive way to go since the device is free! Of course the great thing about the MiFi devices is that you can connect up to 5 computers, ipads, netbooks, iphones, an ipod touch, or any other wifi enabled devices at the same time! You do need to be within about 30 feet for the device to connect.

As usual, we don’t know how long the Free Sprint MiFi 2200 special will last, so if it’s something you, like lots of others, have been wanting, then don’t delay!

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