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FREE Verizon USB760 USB Modem

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This is a review of the most popluar product we carry. The Verizon USB760 USB modem. It works in every personal computer and with every operating system including Mac and Linux. It has an antenna port in case you’re in an area that doesn’t have good signal strength.

One of the best features of the Verizon USB760 is the software is pre-loaded. There’s no CD needed for the installation. You simply plug the modem into the USB port of your computer and it loads the software automatically. In a matter of minutes you have the Verizon Access Manager software installed on your computer, and that’s what gets you Internet access anywhere in the Country.

The rate plan is $59.99 per month and that’s good for anywhere in the US, and it gives you 5GB of data. If you’re wondering how much that is, we have a great explanation of the 5GB Plan. By the way, it’s more than most people need, even using the computer all day. Just stay away from downloading movies and you will be fine!

You also have access to other great deals on products that work with the USB760 modem. For example, if you want to share your connection with other computers, you can get the Cradlepoint CTR350.

It’s a small portable mobile router. All you have to do is plug in the USB modem and anyone within about 50 feet of the router can share the connection. It creates a WiFi Hotspot just like you find at coffee shops and airports.


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