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High Speed Internet For RV

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Today we are going to talk about high speed Internet for RV and some other things RV-ers, or people that use motor homes, whether full time or part time, can use to get on the Internet. Now, obviously a lot of you get on the Internet in different ways, some of you use WiFi – that are on Campgrounds, and that’s fine.

But what about when you are actually on the road, wouldn’t it be nice to get on the Internet and lookup your next destination? Look up where the gas station is? Where your next lodging can possibly be? So on and so forth, aside from just the normal activities of being able to get work done whether sending emails or any other work related things, or entertainment stuff you want to do while driving down the road.

Well, there is an easy answer to that, and that is using a little USB card like the Verizon USB760 USB modem. Simply plug it into your laptop and it gives you Internet access whether you are sitting in one spot or running down the road.

This is a Verizon card. The reason we sell Verizon is; Verizon has the most 3G coverage of any carrier. What does 3G coverage mean? That just means that it’s the fastest coverage that’s available all over the country, and like I said, they have more 3G coverage than any other carrier.

So, for anyone especially in the West, it’s very important because you wanna have fast coverage rather than dialup type speeds. So that’s what it enables you to do. It enables you to watch things like streaming video, download large files or whatever you need to do; you can do it with one of these little Verizon USB760 USB modems.

Now, what if you have more than one computer as lots of you do? You have 2 or 3 people in the mobile home and you may have 2 or 3 laptops, or even a couple other devices like an iPod touch, or something else that is an Internet device as well.

We have other products like the CTR350 router – it’s made by CradlePoint. What this does is, instead of plugging your USB modem directly into your laptop, you plug it into to the Cradlepoint CTR350, and now this sends out a wireless signal that you can connect to, and you can connect 5 or 10 computers to this one little device.

Now the router is sharing your connection with as many users as you want. Also, you can connect to it with an Ethernet cable, so if you have a desktop and you want to hard wire it, or if you have something else that is not WiFi enabled, you can still connect to this router. So you can have one device wired up and the rest can connect with the WiFi.

This is just one simple idea that you can use when you are in an RV to connect to the Internet anytime, anywhere. We help RV-ers all day long, every day. So we know the kinds of the things you run up against. We have lots of ideas about RV Internet; this is just one of them. So stay tuned for more…

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