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iBox2Go Internet to Go Video Review

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One of our Exclusive products at More Mobile Internet is the iBox2go! This product combines 3 best in class products to produce a totally portable wireless network in an easy to carry box.

So what is inside the iBox2go? First off, we have the Verizon USB760 Broadband Internet Card. This aircard allows you to connect at average speeds from about 500kbps to 1500kbps or even faster, all on the nation’s largest 3G network.

The second piece is the CradlePoint MBR1000. This is the most popular mobile router on the market for good reason. It allows you to share your Verizon USB modem with multiple computers, printers, or any wifi enabled device. The wireless range is about 200+ feet, and you also have 4 Ethernet ports if you want to hard wire a computer as well.

Next, comes this interesting looking antenna. This attaches to the USB760 to give it a better signal. You can set it on a desk, or attach it to a window.

Now, you have the best network, with an antenna to ensure the best signal, and a great router that lets you share your signal as you please. You can easily use this in a Home one day, your Office the next, and take it to a Trade show or Vacation the next.

If you don’t need the router, simply plug the USB760 directly into your computer and now you are even more portable. The versatility is amazing! With the iBox2Go, you will have Internet access anywhere, anytime for any purpose.

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