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Mac Users + Verizon 4G UML290 = Love

For all of you Mac users, and yes, there are lots of you, you can now quit holding your breath.  Verizon has now pushed out an update making the Pantech UML290  4G USB device compatible with Macs!  Now both Mac and Windows users can take advantage of Verizons blazing fast 4G network with real life speeds from 5 – 15 or even 20Mbps+.  To put that in perspective, most home cable services are 5 -10Mbps.  So essentially, you are getting speeds as fast or faster than your average cable service that works in just one spot.   Verizon has 4G in 38 large markets that cover 1/3 of the entire U.S. population already and are expanding quickly.  Another great thing about the UML290?  It is also 3G so it works on Verizon’s famously good 3G network if 4G is not available. Best of both worlds and if you order the device from our site, you save $100.  Not bad my friends!

New orders will have the new firmware already loaded.  If you already have a UML290 simply visit www.vzam.net to get the update to make your device work on a Mac.


The Verizon UML290  is Free with a 2 yr agreement

The only downside of course is that there is a limit to how much you can download.  Verizon has a $50 plan for 5GB per month or $80 for 10GB per month with $10 per extra GB in either case.  Keep in mind even 5GB is a lot – unless you are trying to download 2 hour movies, as those can be 1GB each.  I have personally used less than 5GB even though I was using the computer 8 -10 hours a day at least 6 days a week.  I was surfing the net, sending emails, watching a few YouTube videos, just normal web usage. It’s more what you are doing rather than how long.  Downloading movies is the worst offender, but even doing VOIP phone calls, or online gaming can be done in moderation without issues. Run a call center? NO.  Play Call of Duty 24/7?  NO.  Moderation? Sure.

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