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MBR1000 & CTR500 1.4.2 Firmware Release

CradlePoint has released firmware version 1.4.2 for the MBR1000 & CTR500 3G EVDO mobile routers. The new firmware adds compatibility for the Verizon Novatel USB760 and the Blackberry Storm 9530.

Also included in this release:

  • OpenDNS support on Sprint network. Sprint DNS servers intercept requests to other DNS services. This change provides a workaround to allow the use of the router’s Advanced -> Web Filter -> OpenDNS content filtering functionality. If you have your own OpenDNS account settings, this will not make them work for you. That functionality is expected in our 1.5 release. This does not affect Verizon or AT&T networks.
    • Note that a defect exists with load balancing and using a Sprint modem along with a modem from a different carrier. Content may or may not be blocked depending on which modem the request is made through (Sprint with workaround vs. other carrier without workaround). If only Sprint modems are used for load balancing, this issue does not occur.

OpenDNS is a service that makes your Internet faster and more reliable, and keeps you safe from phishing Web sites trying to steal your personal information.

Cradlepoint Firmware Updates

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