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New Lower Verizon Mobile Broadband Rates – Finally!

After having basically the same exact data rate plans for Mobile Interent for 5 years, Verizon is finally making some smart moves with their new plans.  For those that didn’t know, $59.99 was the standard rate plan for the all the carriers.  Yes, there were a few smaller plans but most of those were completely unusable with horribly low amounts of data.  Here are the new plans which interestingly are only for the FiveSpot Global HotSpot and the Mifi 2200 HotSpot:

Monthly Cost                      . Allowance                       . Overage per GB
$35* 3GB $10
$50 5GB $10
$80 10GB $10

*The $35 plan is a limited time promotion

These new rate plans make a lot of sense!  The $35 plan, while only available for a short time, will address those who don’t need as much data.  3GB is plenty for an occasional user.  For most people the $50 plan will be perfect, and it saves you $10 over Verizon’s old plan for the same amount of data.  Now you get the best 3G coverage of any carrier, for a more reasonable price. Another huge advantage of these new plans is the overage rates, which are much lower than before.  Verizon used to charge $50 per extra GB, and now it’s only $10.  Even if you happen to go over a bit, it won’t ruin your life like before!

A lot of power users have complained about the old 5GB limit since it just didn’t meet their needs. Now, with the new $80 plan for 10GB this should satisfy anyone who is not trying to run the next Napster from their basement.

Now for as great as these new plans are, Verizon chose to keep the same old 5GB $59.99 plans for its USB and Expresscard devices.  Now it makes NO sense at all to get a USB device from Verizon.  NONE.  I’m sure the USB manufacturers are not to excited about this either.  All you need to know is buy a FiveSpot (On our November  Mobile Broadband Top 5 List).  Let’s see, lower rates, plus you can connect up to 5 devices at once and even use it internationally if you want? No brainer my friends!

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