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Novatel MiFi Creates Portable Hotspot

Novatel Wireless Inc. announced today that they have created an unprecedented line of Intelligent Mobile Hotspots. MiFi represents the industry’s first Intelligent Mobile Hotspot, a new category of mobile broadband that lets users put their world of content, services and connectivity in their pocket. Featuring an internal battery providing over forty hours standby and up to four hours of active use on a single charge, the MiFi product line enables users to access high-speed Internet from anywhere there is a cellular connection, including moving vehicles where multiple passengers may need Internet access.

Instead of needing a router and separate Internet source, Novatel has combined them into a single device about the size of a deck of cards. The MiFi product line will offer enterprises, SMB and SOHO users a unique solution to secure, control and manage wireless connections. Certain MiFi configurations support applications such as auto VPN, automatic syncing of email and optional remote management capabilities for the enterprise IT manager. MiFi offers a robust platform capable of hosting third party applications that extend the reach and control of the enterprise when dealing with remote mobile assets.

According to Novatel, MiFi is the easiest to use broadband device ever. Users are one-click away from their personalized content and services, with no need for installing host applications or hardware drivers as part of the installation process. The Internet connection can be easily shared between multiple users and Wi-Fi devices such as laptops, cameras, gaming devices and multimedia players. The MiFi products serve as an intelligent, open platform capable of hosting advanced software applications and flexible enough to address the continued evolution of mobile broadband.

The MiFi line of products should be available during the first quarter of 2009 and sources estimate the price will be just under $200 before any discounts offered by carriers such as Sprint and Verizon. This is great news for people who need to share their Internet connection. However, if you only need Internet for one computer, a mobile broadband card is still your best option.

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