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Rural Internet? Don’t say “I can’t get Internet Service”

Top 4 Complaints about Rural Internet: 1) I can’t get Cable or DSL Internet 2) I hate this slow Dial Up! 3) Satellite Internet is too expensive 4) Why do those city slickers get all the good stuff?

Who Says there is no Rural Broadband?

Who Says there is no Rural Broadband?

As this National Verizon 3G map shows, most of the country is covered in the Blue Broadband areas. Any white areas are generally where almost no people live. Check our coverage maps

from Verizon, Sprint and AT&T.

Below is a map of Arizona. This makes it even more clear, as the majority of people live in Phoenix (near the red dot) and Tucson, but you can still see that even most of the Northern Arizona area (above the word Arizona) that is mostly highway and forest is also covered as well.

Arizona Map of Verizon 3G Broadband Coverage

Arizona Map of Verizon 3G Broadband Coverage

Many people complain that since they live out in a rural area they can’t get Broadband Internet. Just because you can’t get DSL or Cable does not mean you don’t have access to Broadband. Mobile Broadband IS Broadband! When I say Mobile Broadband, I am talking about the service from the likes of Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T. These companies cover the majority of the US population. For those in even more remote areas there is always Satellite. The main issue that people bring up with Mobile Broadband is the cost. It is typically $60 a month and Satellite is usually even more. Most Cable or DSL services are $40 or $50 a month, but that is part of the trade off you make living away from the urban centers. Most people don’t consider the incredible cost to deliver wired Internet to a rural area. That is why Mobile Broadband works in so many more areas. There is no digging and laying cable, just using existing cellular towers to wirelessly transmit your data. Of course, just like cellular service, some areas have poor coverage and it won’t work for everyone. Luckily, all the carriers give you a full 30 days to make sure the service works in your area. All you need is either a USB card like the Verizon USB760 to plug into any computer. If you have multiple computers, then a Mifi device can power up to 5 computers at once. For full house operation, a USB and a Mobile Router will give you several hundred feet of Wifi in your home or office, all powered by a Verizon USB Card!

Rural areas have the benefit of clean air, cheap real estate, and less crime, but do miss out on a few of the conveniences of living in a city.

Generally urban areas have more choice and more services. However many things are also much more expensive like real estate, food and the general cost of living.

The bottom line is we are all lucky to live in the USA where we can choose where to live, knowing full well what services and benefits are available in each area.

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