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RV Antennas for 3G Mobile Broadband Signal Boost

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Today we are going to tell you about a couple of things you can do to really increase the performance of your USB modem or aircard. This is the Verizon USB760. This is our most popular USB modem, and I’ll tell you why.

Number one it’s made by Novatel but it’s service is from Verizon. Why is that important? Verizon has five times as much 3G mobile broadband coverage than does AT&T, and it also has more than Sprint. In fact, Verizon has a lot more coverage than any other carrier.

For the fastest 3G Broadband Internet service, this is the best way to go. Now that being said, there may be areas that an RV-er goes that even Verizon doesn’t have a good signal. People who own RV’s often go to remote areas. We can offer you something that’s going to give you even more signal strength than the tiny antenna that is built into the USB760 usb stick or aircard.

How can you get a better wireless signal? We do it with RV antennas like our indoor antenna, it’s one of several antennas that we sell, but this one I like for a lot of reasons. It has suction cups, so you can stick it on any of the windows of the RV. And it also has a little stand so you can just sit it on a desk. But in an RV you are probably going to be placing the antenna on a window. That’s going to be the most effective way to use our indoor antenna.

One thing that’s really nice about the Indoor antenna, especially for part time RV-ers — this is something that’s very portable and you can take it out of your Motorhome. It’s as simple as pulling it off of the window, and then you can use it in your home or in any other scenario you want. You can take the antenna
wherever you go, because its not a permanent installation.

If you are a full time RV-er, there is an RV antenna that we recommend over this one. But, if you are just a part time RV-er, then the Indoor Antenna is the way to go.

*Please note, Verizon no longer allows its dealers to market antennas.

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