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RV Internet Access

Why pay $3,000 to $5,000 for a Satellite Mobile Internet system for RV Internet when you can get a simple, easy to use, Verizon Mobile Internet Card for FREE?

Read this to learn How To Make your RV / Motor Home a Wifi Zone!

Accessing the Internet on the road has never been easier. RV Internet access only requires a Mobile Internet device such as a USB card or MiFi. Most people today opt for the easy to use Verizon Internet Cards, like the free 4G Verizon VL600, that plug right into the USB port on the computer or router. For users that need to connect 2- 5 computers or devices, the new 4G/3G MiFI 4501L is perfect to get high speed internet for RV.

There is no need to purchase expensive satellite mobile Internet systems when Verizon Mobile Internet is available almost everywhere in the country. Verizon Wireless is the largest carrier with high speed coverage for more than 280 million people in more than 264 metropolitan areas. Most RVers NEVER encounter an area where a Verizon Mobile Internet Card won’t pick up an Internet signal. So why pay $5000 for Satellite Mobile Internet?

How can you be sure that you’ll be able to use the Internet? You can easily verify coverage for your area(s) with the Coverage Map. There’s also a video to help you make sure you’re looking at the right section of the map for high speed broadband coverage.

The best part is this system is totally portable. Once you get RV Internet, you’ll be able to cancel your Cable or DSL at home. Now, you have a complete mobile internet system that works almost anywhere in the USA, even at 70 MPH. Instead of looking for a WiFi hot spot, you will be the hot spot!

Many RVers are discovering just how easy being connected can be, with one simple connection anywhere in the USA.

For one laptop all you need is a Mobile Internet Card or USB Modem and a $59.99 a month Verizon Mobile Internet plan to get RV Internet.

Getting RV Internet access is easier and less expensive than you many think.

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The FREE  LG VL600 4G USB is Perfect for 1 Connection with a Windows Computer

The Verizon 4G MiFi is Perfect for Sharing a Connection

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