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Mobile Internet Access

Mobile Internet Access

When most people think of “mobile Internet access”, they think of their laptop. Yes, their laptop is “wireless”, meaning it has the ability to pick up a Wi-Fi signal. However, you still need to find a WiFi Hot-Spot to connect to the Internet. Sometimes linking to a Hot-Spot is free, sometimes not. Sometimes it is secure, sometimes not. Why would you hassle with all these coverage issues and security unknowns? With a Sprint Mobile Internet Card or Verizon Mobile Internet Card you know that you have secure service everywhere you go! Simply open your laptop and you are connected to the Internet at broadband speeds!

Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile or AT&T Mobile Internet – This is what we do. WHY?


  • Coverage! Coverage! Coverage! No other technology has coverage even close! It works everywhere a cell phone works!
  • One flat fee of $50 everywhere you go in the USA on Verizon.
  • 100% encrypted network. Your data is secure.
  • No Cellular Phone account needed.

How the Service Works

The Internet service is provided by either SprintVerizon, T-Mobile or AT&T and uses 4G LTE and 3G technology to give users High Speed (up to 25Mbps*) Broadband Internet access. Since the service is sent through the same cellular towers that cell phones use, you can use the service just about anywhere a cell phone works. No need to search for (and often pay extra for) a WiFi Hot Spot.

Are You More Mobile?


Well, now you can be…with one simple way to connect your laptop to the Internet, you can work and play when and where you want.

Mobile Internet for Home, Office, Airport, Park, School, Car, in other words….just about anywhere you are!

It is really quite simple. Slide a Sprint Mobile Internet Card or Verizon Mobile Internet Card into your laptop with a Sprint or Verizon Data Card Plan, and you now have mobile Internet almost anywhere a digital cell phone works. With 3G broadband speeds up to 3Mbps* and 4G speeds up to 25Mbps within Broadband coverage,so you can be productive anytime, almost anywhere. Stop searching for a connection, and start working instead.

Unlike WiFi, which only works in very limited areas, Mobile Internet gives you total freedom.

The best comparison is that WiFi is like a cordless phone for your house. Sure, it works wirelessly around your house, but it is worthless down the street. Mobile Internet is like a cellular phone. It works just about everywhere. Which would you rather have?

Other Advantages:

More Security – Mobile Internet from Sprint and Verizon is encrypted and secure. VPN is available for those that are especially security minded. Many WiFi spots are not secure at all. Do you want to risk your company and personal data?

Less Hassles – automatically connects when you open laptop…not like WiFi, which can have a different way to connect at each new hotspot. Why waste 15 minutes trying to figure out how to connect?

High Speed Internet…Anywhere! The New FASTER Sprint and Verizon Mobile Internet Cards are in stock!

What is Needed

All you need is the correct Sprint or Verizon Card which goes into the USB slot in a Laptop or Desktop, or Express slot in your laptop. We will help you choose the right card for your needs and budget.

Monthly Service

The monthly service is $50 a month for Verizon, and $59.99 for Sprint.

Try Before You Buy

Both Verizon and Sprint offer a 30 day period to make sure you like the service. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can return the equipment for a full refund and just be charged for the amount of service you used. There are NO termination fees during this 30 day period.


You will be billed directly from Sprint or Verizon for your service.

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