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Sierra Compass 597 USB Modem FREE

MoreMobileInternet.com is offering the Sierra Wireless Compass 597 Mobile Internet USB card for Free while supplies last. No rebates required.

The Compass 597 is the smallest USB modem in Sierra Wireless’s product line, and offers seamless high-speed wireless connectivity for both Mac and Windows notebook and desktop computers. Its compact design includes TRU-Install™, a seamless, no CD installation experience, a microSD™ memory expansion slot, and a connector for an optional external antenna to help maximize modem performance.



  • Portable from desktop to notebook computers
  • Wireless connectivity in more places than Wi-Fi, offering greater mobility
  • High-speed access to transfer large files easily
  • Solid product reliability so users can work efficiently on the road

This special pricing requires a new 2 yr agreement with Sprint. Go to Compass 597 or call 866.541.0400 to find out how to get the Sierra Wireless Compass 597 for Free.

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