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Special: 4G Verizon HotSpot + 3 Months Free Service

Thanks to the Google I/O conference, I have a limited supply of the Samsung 4G LTE SCH-LC11 Mobile HotSpot. These are brand new devices in the box and include everything.  The extra special bonus these include is 3 months of free service which started on 5/11/11 and ends on 8/11/11.   The great part is you don’t have to sign up at all as they are already active.

Verizon SCH-LC11 4G HotSpot

Our Price:  Just $225!   This includes everything brand new PLUS the 3 months of NO Contract service which is worth $150.  You are essentially getting a $269 device for about $75 with no strings attached.  If you want to keep it after that, just sign up with Verizon, or sell the device which should easily sell for more than $100.

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Who should consider this offer?

  • You want a Mobile HotSpot for the summer vacation season, but don’t want a contract.
  • If you are upgrading from a 3G device, your monthly rate (after the 3 months Free) goes down from $60 a month to just $50 – so you save a$10 a month for a better, much faster device!  This is a classic “no brainer”.
  • If you have an older 3G or 4G device and want to upgrade, but are not eligible to upgrade yet.  Here is how you make it work:  Suspend your current contract (suspension is $15 for up to 3 months) and use the 3 months of FREE service until it runs out.  After that, simply re-activate your original account and you just saved $150 + Tax – $15 charge = about $140!  As you can see from the screenshot below from the Verizon website, the retail price of the device is $269.99 if you want to purchase it outright…. and that does NOT include 3 months of Free Service.


Samsung HotSpot Retail Price


Who should NOT consider this offer?

  • You already have a Verizon data card but your current contract is up, and want to upgrade to 4G.  Don’t bother with this offer, since you can upgrade to a Verizon Mobile HotSpot for Free.
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