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Waived Activation Fees for Sprint & Verizon

For the biggest shopping weekend of the year, our online partners have waived the $35 activation fees for Sprint and Verizon.  Now is a great time to take advantage of our many Free offers for Mobile Broadband Cards. If you are paying $1 or more for ANY mobile broadband device except the Sprint Overdrive (which [...]

Sprint 4G Mobile Internet Coverage – Chicago

VIDEO: We take a look at the 4G Mobile Broadband coverage from Sprint in Chicago, IL. With 4G you get speeds similar to Cable or other High Speed Internet, but you get to also take it with you when you leave the house. 4G has speeds in the 3 to 6Mbps range with burst speeds [...]

Video: Sprint VS. Verizon Device Showdown

Here is a quick showdown between some of the most popular Verizon and Sprint Mobile Broadband cards.  For Sprint, we have the Sierra Wireless 598U, Sierra Wireless 250U 4G USB and Franklin U301 4G device.  On Verizon, we have the UMW190 Global USB, Novatel USB760, and the MiFi 2200 Mobile HotSpot.
Who is the winner?  Well [...]