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Sierra Wireless 598U Shipping Jan 9th Pre-Order Today

Order the Sierra Wireless 598U USB Modem and get $50* Back

Pre-Order the Sierra Wireless 598U USB Mobile Internet Modem and get $50* Cash Back

Price is $49.99*
$50 Sprint mail-in-rebate
$50 More Mobile Internet mail-in-rebate

The 598U USB mobile broadband modem is the newest addition to the Sierra Wireless product line of USB modems.
Key Features

One Touch Activation
Sprint SmartView software
GPS [...]

Verizon UM175 vs USB727 USB Modem Video Review

The UTStarcom UM175 and the Novatel USB727 USB Mobile Internet modems are compared in this video review. See which one best fits your needs. Both are Free at More Mobile Internet.

For more Video Reviews, please visit MoreMobileInternet.com.