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FREE Novatel USB760 & $50 Cash Back

For a limited time, get the Verizon Wireless Novatel USB760 for FREE and also get $50 Cash Back with the $50 mail-in-rebate.

With the smallest form factor in the market, the USB760 USB Modem with NovaSpeed provides high speed access on our 1x/EVDO network. No CD is required for installation! Just insert the device, allow the [...]

MBR1000 & CTR500 1.4.2 Firmware Release

CradlePoint has released firmware version 1.4.2 for the MBR1000 & CTR500 3G EVDO mobile routers. The new firmware adds compatibility for the Verizon Novatel USB760 and the Blackberry Storm 9530.

Also included in this release:

OpenDNS support on Sprint network. Sprint DNS servers intercept requests to other DNS services. This change provides a workaround to allow the [...]

Verizon USB760 now available for just $49.99 at More Mobile Internet.

This is the latest Novatel USB card for Verizon. It is slightly shorter than the previous USB727 and offers an 8GB memory slot vs. the 4GB slot our Free USB727 had. IF the size difference is a big deal for you, and you don’t need to use it with a Mobile Router, then the USB760 [...]