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Jet 2.0 4G Laptop Stick

Jet 4G Laptop Stick The T-mobile Jet 2.0 4G USB Laptop Stick is the latest 4G/3G USB offering HSPA+ Speeds!



  • Just $49.99 a month + Unlimited T-Mobile Hotspots!
  • Works on 3G when not in 4G HSPA+ areas.
  • Automatic Install

Order Jet 4G Laptop Stick




Why you should order the Jet 2.0 USB Card:

  1. It is both 4G and 3G and always finds the fastest available network
  2. 4G HSPA+ speeds are up to 21Mbps or  8x faster than 3G
  3. Just $49.99 a month for 5GB of data instead of $59.99 the other carriers charge and includes Unlimited  T-Mobile HotSpot usage.  Plan has NO overage charges!  (Speed may be slowed down after 5GB)
  4. Works with the CradlePoint CTR35 to create a mobile hotspot and ability to connect with Ethernet Cables to wired devices.

Why you should NOT order the Rocket USB:

  1. Check the T-Mobile coverage and make sure you are in at least a 3G or HSPA+ area.  If not, order  Sprint or Verizon.
  2. Not recommended for cross country truckers, RVers, or those who travel to more remote areas.  Verizon is the best pick for people who travel in rural areas as they have the most 3G coverage of any carrier.
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