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Top 5 List: Mobile Broadband Cards November ’10

Here is our List of the top 5 Mobile Broadband Cards currently available from the 4 National Cellular Carriers that own their own networks, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T.  No, we don’t list smaller regional carriers, or ones who borrow their networks from the 4 above who actually own them.  These type of carriers have a history of being here today and gone tomorrow.

All factors are considered in the ranking, such as device capabilities itself,  as well as the carriers current coverage, network speeds, and monthly price plans. And lastly we factor in the lowest device pricing on the web that can be found right here at More Mobile Internet.

And now for the list, in order:

Sprint 4G Overdrive Mobile Hotspot1) Sprint 4G/3G Overdrive – Why? It’s still the only 4G and 3G Mobile Hotspot. 4G has two huge advantages: One, it offers Unlimited usage in 4G, and secondly 4G is up to 10X faster than 3G, all for the same monthly cost of 3G at $59.99. This device also allows you to connect up to 5 laptops, iPads, netbooks, or any other WiFi devices at one time. Device Cost: $39.99 with a 2 yr agreement

2) Sprint 250U 4G/3G USB – Why? It’s also a 4G and 3G device like the Overdrive above, but this only works with one device at a time (unless you use a Mobile Router)   It just does not make sense to get a 3G only device when there are 4G devices available, even if you don’t live in a 4G area just yet.  Now the minute you are in 4G you can take advantage without buying a new device!  Device Cost: Free  with a 2 yr agreement

3) Verizon FiveSpot 3G HotSpot – Why?  Verizon’s new $49.99 monthly fee for wireless hotspot devices is $10 less per month than a USB on Verizon.  It also allows you to have up to 5 devices connected at once and it is Global Roaming ready.  Be warned, however, the International Roaming rates would make Richard Branson cringe.  (He is a really rich guy if you didn’t know).  Since it is a Free device, I still recommend it over the popular MiFi 2200 HotSpot. If you decide to sell it, it will have a higher resale value even if you never use it internationally.  Smart huh?  Device Cost:  Free with a 2 yr agreement

4) T-Mobile Rocket HSPA+ USB – Why?  T-Mobile has quietly built out its HSPA+ network which has an impressive top speed up to 21Mbps.  The monthly rate is also just $49.99.  The only downside to T-Mobile?  Rural coverage is very weak compared to Verizon and Sprint. Not recommended for Truckers, RVers, or live in the boonies.  Great if you are a big city dweller. Device Cost:  Free with 2 yr agreement

5) Verizon USB760 – Why?  Realistically the only reason to get a Verizon USB at $59.99 a month versus paying $49.99 a month for a Mobile Hotspot device is the fact this USB is Free + you get a $150 rebate.  If this rebate goes away, this Top 5 recommendation will fall off faster than a bowling ball off a table.  Device Cost:  Free + $150 Rebate with 2 yr agreement

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