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Top 5 List: Mobile Internet Cards February 2011

Here is our February List of the top 5 Mobile Broadband Cards currently available from the 4 National Cellular Carriers that own their own networks, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T. No, we don’t list smaller regional carriers, or ones who borrow their networks from the 4 above who actually own them. These type of carriers have a history of being here today and gone tomorrow. Even Virgin Mobile’s offer was changed from Unlimited to 5GB.

Many factors are considered in the ranking, such as device capabilities itself, as well as the carriers current coverage, network speeds, and monthly price plans. And lastly we factor in the lowest device pricing on the web that can be found right here on More Mobile Internet.

Here is the list, and yes, it is in order:


1) Verizon UML290 – Verizon’s first 4G USB device that works with Mobile Routers so you can share the connection with multiple devices.  Perfect to set up an entire house or small business with WiFi, and of course, it is portable!  The one current limitation is Mac usage.  There is a fairly easy fix, but it’s not Mac compatible out of the box just yet. The monthly cost is $50 for 5GB of data with a very reasonable $10 per extra GB of overage.  Most users won’t even hit 5GB anyway.  Device cost: FREE with a 2 yr agreement

2)  Sprint Overdrive – Still the only 4G/3G Mobile HotSpot device on the market.  The Overdrive let’s you connect up to 5 devices via Wifi at one time.  It also sports a battery for totally mobile usage.  It is $59.99 a month for Unlimited usage in 4G areas, so for power users, Sprint is a great value. Device cost: $39.99 with a 2 yr agreement

3) Verizon FiveSpot - Even though this is the lone 3G only device on the list, it makes it because of it’s Global Roaming ability,  combined with Verizon’s industry best USA 3G coverage. FYI – it is very expensive to roam internationally, but at least you have Internet access world wide. Device cost: FREE with a 2 yr agreement

4) Sprint 250U – Sprint’s 4G/3G USB device that gives you Unlimited Internet in 4G areas for $59.99 a month.  This device also works with all the Cradlepoint Routers allowing you to create a Wifi network anywhere.  Device cost: FREE with a 2 yr agreement

5) AT&T Shockwave – Finally AT&T makes the list!  Why?  They finally have an HSPA+ device that has 4G speedsUnfortunately, their maps don’t show the HSPA+  coverage so it’s hard to tell where you will actually get the faster speeds.  Come on AT&T, show your coverage, even if it isn’t as good as Verizon or Sprint.  Device cost: FREE with a 2 yr agreement

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