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Ultimate Mobile MiFi HotSpot Comparison

UPDATED 5/12/2013

Here is the lastest and most up-to-date Comparison chart for all Mobile Broadband HotSpots, MiFi Devices, USB modems and more from all the USA based carriers.

This chart will help you quickly find the best HotSpot device that fits your needs, and also give you the link to the online store with absolute lowest prices, usually FREE and a savings of up to $100 compared to a retail store!

The 2 year contract devices from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint are on top. Scroll down to see the Pre-Paid devices from Verizon, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and DataJack.

The highest rated devices are to the left within each Carriers options, along with a 5 star rating scale for the device itself, the plans available for that device, and also the Carrier and Coverage rating. I then add up all 3 ratings for each device’s “Total Stars”. Keep in mind, even a great device is only as good as the network and coverage it is working on!

To View directly in Google Docs Click Here

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