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Verizon 4G Mobile HotSpot?

Verizon has a 4G Mobile HotSpot?  Yes indeed!  Well, not exactly like a MiFi.  Let me explain.

By combining a CradlePoint router with the Verizon 4G UML290 USB modem you can create your own Mobile 4G HotSpot. Thankfully, it did not take CradlePoint long to get out a firmware upgrade that will allow the Verizon UML290 4G USB to work with several of its routers.  It has a beta release that works on the very popular CTR500 and MBR1000 which will be great for 95% of users.  It also works on the MBR1200 as well for those that need even more options. See all 3 CradlePoint Routers.  Now you can enjoy super fast 4G speeds and share that one connection with 10+ devices all through your house or business.


PLEASE NOTE: This beta release is currently ONLY recommended for a fixed location (like a home or office) and ONLY if you are in a 4G area. The CradlePoint firmware will not work with the 3G portion of the UML290, so if you travel outside of a 4G area you now have a dead modem. Remember, LTE is a new technology and there are still some issues that will be worked out soon. If you need it to work on 3G, please wait for the next firmware release



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CradlePoint CTR500 Portable Router – 50 Ft WiFi Range
CTR500 4G Firmware




CradlePoint MBR1000 Home/Business Router – 200 Ft WiFi Range
MBR1000 4G Firmware

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