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Verizon AD3700 Global Modem

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Today we are coming to you live from the world headquarters. We are talking about International data coverage today, and what Cellular Carriers offer the best International Plans and Coverage.

People often ask: who has the best deal for International coverage? Well, the easy answer is AT&T, because they have GSM service. GSM stands for (Global Standard for Mobile Communication), and it’s true that GSM has the most International coverage of any type of technology currently available.

So that’s the easy answer and we actually sell AT&T, so I think we can give an honest review. We also sell Verizon, and now that Verizon has a couple of really nice International GSM based USB modems, I think they are a better choice.

First of all, I’ll show you one of the USB modems; it’s the brand new Verizon AD3700 Global Modem. It has a USB connector that can actually fold right into the device itself –Very convenient. But the best feature that comes with the AD3700 – is a GSM chip, so that makes it a dual-mode data card.

This means the Verizon AD3700 is going to work with the regular Verizon 3G mobile broadband network in the United States, and when you travel internationally, it’s going to work with the GSM networks. You are going to get same exact roaming experience on Verizon as you would with AT&T.

That is great news, but the best part is that when you get back to United States, you have 5 times as much 3G coverage as with AT&T! If you have seen any of the recent commercials that show, “Hey there’s a map for that”, you know what I am talking about.

Why not get the best 3G mobile broadband coverage in the United States and the same coverage internationally that you would with the AT&T. To me this is the best choice to have the best possible coverage in the US and abroad.

Now, let’s talk about cost. The roaming charges, regardless of which carrier you use, are going to be basically the same – it’s going to be expensive. International roaming is expensive. Even a WiFi hot spot can be $25+ a day.

Nothing is cheap over there, so why not get something that makes it simple. The AD3700 makes your life simple, because you don’t have to worry about Internet access at all when you are here or over there. You probably have enough other things to spend your time on other than trying to get internet service when traveling.

To sum it up, if you want the best USA coverage, combined with the best World coverage, go with the Verizon AD3700.

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