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Novatel MiFi 2200

Verizon Novatel MiFi 2200 Wifi Mobile HotSpot

  • ConVerizon Mifi 2200 Hotspotnects up to 5 Wifi Devices!
  • 3G Broadband Speeds
  • 4 Hour Battery
  • 30′ Wifi Range


Do NOT order the older, slower, 3G only Mifi 2200!


Order the NEW 4G Verizon MiFi 4501L



Why you should Order the MiFi:

  1. Verizon has the most 3G Broadband coverage of any Carrier
  2. You can connect up to 5 devices at once!  Computers, Netbooks, iPads, iPod Touch, Online Games
  3. Verizon’s new $50 plan for 5GB is $10 less than with a USB device

Why you should NOT Order the MiFi:

  1. You need a device that works World Wide: Get the Verizon FiveSpot Global HotSpot
Verizon Mifi Mobile Hotspot

Verizon MiFi 2200

The Intelligent Mobile Hotspot automatically connects to Verizon Wireless Mobile Internet service to give broadband Internet access to up to five Wi-Fi–enabled devices. You and your colleagues or family will be able to check email, access corporate intranets, download files, send pictures with a Wi-Fi–enabled camera, and access the Internet on any Wi-Fi–enabled device—even when you’re nowhere near a traditional hotspot. Forget paying $5 for a coffee just to connect!


  • Enhanced online activity. NovaSpeed™ technology improves simultaneous upload and download times so you can transfer large files or watch video with minimal interruptions or buffering.
  • Sleek design. Small enough to carry in your shirt pocket, it features an internal antenna so there are no outer parts to break.
  • On-board training and support. The device comes loaded with VZAccess Manager and user guides for Windows® and Mac.® No CDs required.
  • Plenty of standard features. These include auto-install, autoconnectivity, Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) support, VPN capability, and a removable lithium-ion battery. You’ll also get two-way text messaging when you connect via USB.
  • Full-blown security. Keep would-be trespassers from using your connection with password protection, CDMA authentication and identification, dynamic Mobile IP (MIP) key update, Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) firewall, VPN pass-through, and more.

Multiple Connection Options, Oh Yea!

  • In Wi-Fi mode:
    • Connect up to five Wi-Fi–enabled devices at once. Or only one, your choice!
    • Use the lithium-ion battery for up to four hours on the road or 40 hours of standby time.
    • Plug the device directly into a wall outlet for extended usage time.
  • In USB mode:
    • Connect the MiFi device to your notebook via the included USB cable to use it as a modem.
    • Extend the battery life of your work session by connecting the device to your notebook via a USB cable.

Connect up to 5 devices. But you knew that!

  • Use Mobile Internet on a notebook or netbook.
  • Connect your netbook, camera, MP3 player, media player, PDA, portable gaming system or any other Wi-Fi–enabled device.
  • Provide a wireless hub for up to five devices at one time.

Connecting is Easy. Real Easy!

  • Simply power it on with the press of one button and connect your devices. Connect just like any Wifi Hotspot.
  • Create your own personal hotspot anywhere on America’s largest and most reliable 3G network.

The Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot is the first mobile Internet modem to incorporate a wireless router in the same device. The battery powered MiFi 2200 unit is about the same size and weight as a deck of playing cards, so it will easily fit in a pocket or laptop bag and it turns the incoming 3G internet signal into a 30′ Wi-Fi network that can be shared with up to five users or devices. Connect your laptop, iPod Touch, game system or anything else with the ability to connect via WiFi.

Take your WiFi connection anywhere you go: in your car or RV, to your friend’s house, to the park, on a business trip or to the office. Taking road trips will never be the same with everyone able to enjoy the Internet or play multiplayer games on their Nintendo DSs or Sony PSPs, as long as the signal is decent! Business trips can be more productive when carrying your own Internet hot spot. The MiFi is also perfect as a backup in case traditional Internet services fail.

Connecting to the Internet is easy-just press the MiFi’s power button. It’ll run for 40 hours in standby, much like a cellphone, and when you hit the switch on the side it connects, creating a 30 foot radius of Wi-Fi. Once connected, the battery will last approximately five hours while surfing, but can be plugged into an electrical outlet or USB port of a computer to re-charge the batteries, which can last from 2 to 5 hours depending on how much data is transfered.

When the MiFi is connected to a computer via USB, it supports 2-way text messaging. Up to 16GB of data can be stored on the MiFi 2200 with a microSD card which is accessible through the web interface or while tethered via the USB cable. Music, video and other files can be stored on the MiFi and it will run applications that incorporate the MiFi’s GPS capability, provide auto-VPN access, allow automatic email synch, and much more.

The device is controlled through a web interface and provides most of the settings you would expect from a wireless router such as MAC filtering, port filtering and forwarding, connectivity and power management as well as providing details about the battery and the mobile data signal and connection. The web interface is also where you modify the security settings. Keep your connection safe with password protection, CDMA authentication and identification, dynamic Mobile IP (MIP) key update, Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) firewall, VPN pass-through.

The MiFi 2200 device is about the size of nine stacked credit cards and weighs just over 2 ounces, so it’s ultra-portable. With the MiFi 2200, the office is anywhere you want it to be, on America’s largest and most reliable 3G network.

Order the NEW Verizon 4G MiFi 4501L

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