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Verizon USB760 vs. UMW190 GlobalAccess Comparison

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Are you a world traveler?  An international mover and shaker? Well with our amazing economy, less people are traveling than normal, but some people still are getting their travel miles in.  If you are a frequent world traveler, you know the hassles that can be had trying to connect to the Internet in a strange and far away land.  Enter the Verizon UMW190 GlobalAccess USB card.  It is a dual band card that works on Verizon’s usual EVDO network here in the USA, and also has GSM technology built in so you can get coverage in the most places possible since GSM is what the rest of the world uses.  So if you are an International traveler, go with the UMW190 (unless you have a Mac, it’s not compatible, in this case go with the Rocket USB or Velocity)

If you don’t travel beyond the USA, stick with the USB760.  It is tried, true, and is an amazing value right now.

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