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Video: How to view Sprint 4G & 3G coverage

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This Video shows you how to make the most of the Sprint Coverage map so you can determine if Sprint is a good choice for your needs. Even if you don’t currently live in a 4G area, it would still be a good idea to get a device that has 4G capabilities. Why? Speed, baby, speed! 4G is up to 10X faster than 3G for the same price. Additionally, in 4G areas, Sprint offers UNLIMITED Mobile Broadband Internet service! That’s right, no need to worry how much you are using. When in a 3G area, you will have the standard 5MB per month to use. Still quite a bit, but why have a limit if you can get away with it? 4G/3G costs the same $59.99 a month as just 3G, so we highly recommend getting either the Sierra 250U if you want a USB modem or the Sprint Overdrive if you want a “hot spot” device that can power up to 5 computers, ipads, ipod touches, or netbooks at the same time. There really is no reason not to go 4G since it only adds to your speed and can actually lower your cost since there are no limits to worry about!

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