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Waived Activation Fees for Sprint & Verizon

For the biggest shopping weekend of the year, our online partners have waived the $35 activation fees for Sprint and Verizon.  Now is a great time to take advantage of our many Free offers for Mobile Broadband Cards. If you are paying $1 or more for ANY mobile broadband device except the Sprint Overdrive (which is just $39.99) then you are getting ripped off.  Hurry, as this free activation offer won’t be around long.  Ok, you are crunched for time and need my current picks for the best choices from Sprint and Verizon?  Well, weather you want my opinion or not, here goes:

Sprint Overdrive

For Sprint the 4G Overdrive Mobile Hotspot is my #1 choice since it can power 5 devices at once, works with a battery so you can even use it while walking down the street.  Oh, and one other nice bonus. You get unlimited data when in a 4G area.

Verizon’s choice would have to be the new FiveSpot.  Once again, I’m going for a hotspot device. But with Verizon the reasons are even more compelling.  As I’ve previously told you, the monthly cost for a Verizon hotspot is just $50 a month instead of the standard $59.99 for a USB device.   There is even a nice 3GB plan for $35 that is perfect for the more occasional user.  Now you have access to the largest 3G network in the USA at a great price.

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