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Why Cell Phone Contracts are GOOD!

Contracts!   Who loves contracts???  No one I’m sure, however, here is why they are a GOOD deal for you!

Contracts can save you lots of money on Cellular phones, and Mobile Internet cards.

As you can see in this example the Mifi 2200 is $249.99 with out a Contract, but Free with a 2 year deal, after all these things don’t grow on trees!



Let’s look at an example of How Cellular Contracts Save you Money:

Upfront Cost Cancel Fee Total Unit Cost – Canceling after 1 yr Total Unit Cost – Canceling after 2 yr
No Contract $200+ $0 $200 (the upfront cost) $200
2yr Contract $0 $175 $175 (the cancel fee) $0

So really, you are getting a $200+ device for free.  IF you happen to keep if for 2 years, the guess what? You just saved $200 without having to come out of pocket at all!   Worst case, you simply pay for the device (by paying the $175 termination fee at the end)  But wouldn’t you like like the CHANCE of getting it for free?    Also, you do get a full 30 days to try the service and device out before the contract even begins!  So if it doesn’t work, no big deal, simply return if for a full refund!  Simple as that!

It’s all psychological – without the “logic”

So many people get caught up in the “Psychological Jail” of thinking that they are “Locked In” a contract. That is simply FALSE.  You just have to pay for the device at the end instead of up front.  And you can cancel the contract any time you wish.  If after 1 year your needs change, oh well, just cancel it, pay the cancel fee and move on.  NO big deal.  It still cost you less than paying full price for the device up front!

Best options are with Contracts

The fact is almost all the best phones, Internet cards and plans from the reputable, major carriers ALL require a 2 year agreement.  This is not the end of the world!  Let us help you make the best choice upfront so you have the best chance of getting a device and service that you will keep for 2 years.  Then you will make you like a champ!  There is no reason to let contracts scare you into NOT getting the device and plan from the carrier you really want.

The exception:  Bad Credit

The one exception where Pre-Paid Cellular makes more sense is for people who have bad credit and don’t qualify for a regular account.  There surely is a place for pre-paid, no-contract service.  However, if you do qualify, you will get better plans, better phones and options with a regular 2 year agreement.

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