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Why Sprint’s $69.99 Unlimited Cell plan + Gmail Calling is better than your plan

Gmail’s new free calling feature is super cool.  It lets you call any number in the USA for free!  Now of course you are not going to sit at your laptop or computer all day to make phone calls. But take a look at Sprint’s 450 minute plan for cell phones.  I know what you are thinking “450 Minutes isn’t squat”.  Take a closer look!  Even the 450 minutes is A LOT since it includes unlimited calling to All cell phones regardless of carrier. Plus you get unlimited nights and weekends, and keep  in mind Sprint’s nights start  at 7pm, way better than the other carriers that start free calling at 9pm.  So, in effect the only calls that count towards your 450 minutes are calls during the day, Mon – Fri that are made to landlines.  To top it off, everything else is Unlimited Data (anything you can do, web, text, pictures, ext.)

Enter Gmail’s new free calling feature.  If you need to call customer service (and wait on hold for 45 minutes) now it is not a problem. Just use Gmail calling!  Need to make a long call to a business? Gmail.   I would think that for a huge percentage of people this plan, which is only $69.99 a month or $79.99 with the 4G phones for Unlimited everything would be a great fit.  This is pretty compelling compared to the $110 to $130 AT&T and Verizon users are paying for Unlimited everything on their iPhones or Android phones.

Give Gmail Calling a try today!  Of course, since it’s tied into Gmail, it will pull up all your contacts if you enter the name or number of any of your existing contacts. So you don’t even need to know their number, Gmail will  find it for you.

One thing I have been really impressed with is the sound quality.  It seems much clearer  than Skype.

How many of you have tried Gmail calling so far?

Sprint Shop with 450 Minute Unlimited Plans!

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