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WiFi Security Cameras

Security Cameras only really help when you can monitor them remotely from a Laptop or Cell Phone from anywhere.   (See the iPhone security camera Demo of that at the bottom of the page). One common problem is the fact that without an ISP (Internet Service Provider) you can’t take advantage of this remote viewing technology. Many of our readers are in remote locations, or in a Cable or DSL hole, even in a big city. Would we lead you on without a solution to this problem?  Since we have been dealing with Mobile Broadband since it has been available, we can show you some great ways to connect the two technologies and make your life all warm and fuzzy once again.

Possible Remote Location Wifi Security Camera Solutions:

  • Remote work/construction sites
  • Back up in case regular ISP goes down
  • Un-manned locations
  • Movie Sets
  • Motor home or RV usage
  • Second home/cabin
  • Anywhere regular Internet service is not available

What is needed:

  1. Internet Source – Verizon Mobile Broadband, Sprint Mobile Broadband , AT&T or T-Mobile Card
  2. Wifi Router –  Cradlepoint is the best on the market at using the above Cards
  3. Security Camera – Any Wifi enabled security camera will do, and there are lots to choose from depending on your needs.

Check out Lorex below for good Security Camera info and deals:

Lorex Technology

Imagine the peace of mind at being able to watch what is going on at your home or business no matter where you are. Now you can actually enjoy life without that nagging worry about what might be happening. Of course 99% of the time nothing actually happens, but the worry can still ruin your day!

Here is a live Demo of viewing a Wireless Security Surveillance Camera on an iPhone

Network Cameras iPhone Compatible

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